White Paper Marketing and Lead Generation Techniques!

If you are in the high tech field, or you are marketing B2B, consider writing a white paper instead. It’s simple. The only thing different from a Special Report and a White Paper is the name.

How do you know whether to offer a white paper or a report? Simple. Test it in your advertising. Send half of your leads a white paper, and the other half a report. Whichever gets the best response wins. It’s that easy.

Since this course is about lead generation I won’t spend a lot of time on how to write a report or white paper, but I – Highly — recommend getting Perry Marshal’s course on writing and marketing white papers: The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Whitepaper.

Here’s a few secrets to writing and leveraging reports and white papers:

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Internet Lead Generation

Let’s start with the Internet lead generation, because that’s where just about everyone is looking to do business. But first, one big caveat:

Do NOT rely solely on ‘online’ methods. One big secret of successful Internet entrepreneurs is that they use ‘offline’ marketing methods as well as online.

The big attraction with the Internet is that it can be free, easy to manage, and the cost per customer acquired can be low depending on your niche.

With traditional offline marketing, postcards, direct mail, etc, you have mailing costs, there’s more work involved, and so on. Continue reading

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Newsletter Prospecting Helps You Get Appointments and Generate Leads!

Another old school heavy hitting prospecting technique that will get you more appointments with top dogs in any industry.

This newsletter prospecting and lead generation technique requires a little time and money to implement, but it will pay off. If you target 20 businesses in your area and you are good with follow up you should get a minimum of a 10% appointment ratio. And I mean a minimum!

I learned this killer prospecting technique from an Australian marketer named Peter Sun. You can’t find his marketing courses any more (maybe on eBay), but he was and probably still is an amazing marketing master.

This technique basically appeals to the ego of a top CEO or business owner, or any high ranking executive or manager. What you do is create a newsletter using any type of program you have. I used Microsoft Publisher. What you will do is create a front page newsletter theme that has the persons name in the headline. The article then discusses something of significance this person has achieved.

You’ll discover what they have achieved with some simple research online or in a local or national business journal.

After you find a good story idea you will frame this killer newsletter template and fed ex it along with a cover letter.

Watch the video for specific details and ideas!

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Lead Generation Basics!

For most marketers ‘the basics’ will open up a new world of opportunity. So if you think you know the basics do not skip over it because you will probably miss a few very important nuggets of information.

I believe distractions are one of the top reasons for lack of productivity and success so make sure your cell phone and email are off and sit down in a quite place where you can take in the information without any distractions. Then read this manual (several times), take notes, and then write down your action plan.

profitsAlso, I am going to use several examples that are probably outside of your industry. I’ve learned through studying marketing, testing, and working with clients that the most successful marketing systems are discovered as a result of looking at what is working in industries other than you own and modeling them. Enormous breakthroughs are not uncommon.

So keep your marketing hat on, and I promise you, about half way through this material a light will turn on or a new idea will jump into your head. And by the time you finish you’ll have a boatload of ideas waiting to test. The same thing will happen the second and third time you pick up Lead Generation 101. Continue reading

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Old School Prospecting Technique Still Works!

mail-boxFocus your energy in target markets. It is best to pick a market that you know something about because if you are able to show that you know and understand the industry your prospects will trust you more than they would if you did not know their industry.

This results in a better response to your prospecting and marketing efforts. An industry specific market is a good starting point. For example: Plumbers, Schoolteachers, Real-estate Agents, Etc. Or you can target hobbyists: Pilots, Skydivers, Railroad Engineers, Wind surfers, Vintage Car Drivers, Yacht Owners, Divers Etc. Continue reading

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Why Use Promotional Items In Your Lead Generation and Marketing Efforts?

promotional-productsAdvertisers spent over $17 billion in the year 2000 on professional promotional products, according to statistics from the Promotional Products Association (PPA).

Why are these marketing tools so popular? Promotional products, unlike other forms of advertising, especially radio and television where announcements are over in seconds or minutes, have an opportunity for much longer life with the client. And businesses concentrate sales efforts with the wide variety of products out in the marketing arena today in these areas:

  • To announce the opening of new branch offices, divisions, locations
  • For Branding
  • To attract leads / introduce products
  • As a kindness / goodwill gesture
  • To attract & increase attendance at events like trade shows & job fairs
  • To introduce new and enhanced products or services
  • To help employees increase sales
  • To increase sales – Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer

Although there is no quick method of determining the length of exposure for each promotional product, once it falls into your clients’ hand, there is plenty of other information we can tell from research studies. Continue reading

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