Newsletter Prospecting Helps You Get Appointments and Generate Leads!

Another old school heavy hitting prospecting technique that will get you more appointments with top dogs in any industry.

This newsletter prospecting and lead generation technique requires a little time and money to implement, but it will pay off. If you target 20 businesses in your area and you are good with follow up you should get a minimum of a 10% appointment ratio. And I mean a minimum!

I learned this killer prospecting technique from an Australian marketer named Peter Sun. You can’t find his marketing courses any more (maybe on eBay), but he was and probably still is an amazing marketing master.

This technique basically appeals to the ego of a top CEO or business owner, or any high ranking executive or manager. What you do is create a newsletter using any type of program you have. I used Microsoft Publisher. What you will do is create a front page newsletter theme that has the persons name in the headline. The article then discusses something of significance this person has achieved.

You’ll discover what they have achieved with some simple research online or in a local or national business journal.

After you find a good story idea you will frame this killer newsletter template and fed ex it along with a cover letter.

Watch the video for specific details and ideas!

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