Old School Prospecting Technique Still Works!

mail-boxFocus your energy in target markets. It is best to pick a market that you know something about because if you are able to show that you know and understand the industry your prospects will trust you more than they would if you did not know their industry.

This results in a better response to your prospecting and marketing efforts. An industry specific market is a good starting point. For example: Plumbers, Schoolteachers, Real-estate Agents, Etc. Or you can target hobbyists: Pilots, Skydivers, Railroad Engineers, Wind surfers, Vintage Car Drivers, Yacht Owners, Divers Etc.

After you have chosen an industry or hobby, go to the library and look up anything to do with what these people read, watch, and attend. Find out what they want the most, are fearful of, are motivated by, make them happy, everything that you can find and think of.

How To Turn Cold Dead Lists and “Suspects” Into Red Hot Leads That Want To Meet With You!

Use the Standard Rate And Data Service (SRDS) because it’s loaded with trade journals, lists, card decks, newspapers, etc. This is a good starting point to either look up industry specific journals, or to skim through to get ideas.

Another good publication is the Oxford Directory of Newsletters. This is loaded with hard to find industry, and hobby related newsletters. It’s also a good place to look through for ideas.

For even more ideas try the National Directory of Magazines. This has 23,000 more magazines.

Also, there are several books on local and national associations in the reference section.

The library is a million-dollar marketing research machine.

Go to the library and within the hour you spend in the reference section your mind will be flooded with marketing ideas.

Use Google.com to conduct a search in your target marketing as well. Read the discussion forums websites and anything else that seems like a popular are for your market (these discussion boards and forums will also become areas of prospecting as you progress toward the internet). Go to http://www.insurance-leads-advisor.com for information on internet marketing.

I know this may seem like a lot of time and work, but it definitely pays off. Your competition is not even contemplating doing this. They are busy cold calling doctors and attorneys, and begging for referrals. They are not looking to help other people in a particular industry who want the information that you have to offer, and they are definitely not learning marketing secrets that get you tons of leads that turn into sales and makes your job and your life a whole lot easier.

Let’s use Contractors as an example.

One of my associates has been very successful in this target market, and there is a lot more room to go. An ambitious agent using the following lead generation techniques along with several of the marketing secrets and principles that are included in this section can blow their income into new heights.

Where To Get Your List!

To get lists of businesses in your area you can use a software package called “Dun’s Direct Access 4.0.” You can reach them at 1-800-234-3867 to buy it. Or, try www.listmerchant.com, www.infousa.com, or use a list broker.

If you use a list broker be careful. Ask for every detail available on the list: Where they got it, who is the manager, is it a compiled or response driven list etc. Read the special report on the SRDS that was included with your purchase of The Avalanche Response Marketing System. This report has tips and secrets on list selection that very few people know about (after all, even the best sales letter on the planet is worthless if it’s sent to a lousy list). If you purchased this manual separately email us to ask about getting a discount on The Avalanche Response Marketing System since you have this manual already.

If you look up Contractors under their SIC code, you will see that there are sub-contractors as well. You may want to market to them as well. In our marketing we chose Building Contractors and General Contractors because we assumed they had the most money.

We discovered that since the economy was doing well contractors had a key employee problem. As some of you know retaining a key employee is a perfect market for split dollar, group plans, executive bonus plans etc. Even if you only got one client out of a marketing program, you would more than make up your marketing costs.

TIP: If you target, for example, General Contractors with 200 employees or more, and who gross at least 5 Million per year, your appointments will be mostly with income earners easily reaching the six-figure income level, and more. If you are meeting with these types of prospects on a regular basis, your income will reflect your targeting efforts.

Once You Get Your List Use This Simple System:

A simple yet unusually powerful system is in sequencing your letters at least 2 or 3 times and following up with an appointment (or for direct mail generated leads via return reply cards or recorded messages etc.) Three times is best. Four is even better! This way you get your name and offer in front of them several times before you contact them. Trust me, this make an enormous difference. But you have to send your letter correctly.

Often I see marketers mailing once and either getting lazy and not finishing the sequence or simply giving up to early leaving thousands of dollars on the table and they didn’t even know it!

Here’s a formula you can follow when you sequence your letters (as you’ll see in many examples ahead, examples you can copy).

  1. The first letter should be a light announcement of your company and services.
  2. The second letter should hit your prospect a little harder in terms of getting the appointment; a call to action.
  3. The third or fourth letter should really hit’em hard with a call to action and/or let them know your going to call to set up an appointment.
  4. Make your letters easy to read; not boring institutional copy.
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