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LeadStampede.com is the brainchild of a marketers mind who has 20 years of experience marketing online and offline. With a firm base of experience and knowledge of direct response marketing the brains behind LeadStampede.com spewed his knowledge onto one blog. This ‘spew’ is not just about direct response marketing because the applications are used online for website lead generation, social media lead generation, video, and more.

So if you are looking for insiders tips and tricks to getting people to find your website or business, and then getting those people to become paying clients or customers, then you need to subscribe to our feed and get our mini course on lead generation.

Is Branding something you are interested in? Because you can take some of your best brand advertising and leverage them for lead generation. Have you ever noticed how massive companies like Coca Cola use a combination of Brand marketing and lead generation? You haven’t? Well, take a closer look at all the of different things they are doing to get people to notice them, make their sugar water a cool thing have in your hand, and then look for their contests and sweepstakes on their products and social media sites.

You too can combine Branding and effective marketing to grab up market share and get an unfair advantage. Sign up for our Feed, get our mini course, and of course share our Facebook page.

Need help with your marketing now? Don’t delay because your competitors might get our busy little hands on their stuff. Good luck with your business!

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